Oocyte Cryopreservation

What Is Meant By Egg Freezing?

During ivf treatments fertility drugs are administered to heighten your egg production. Follicles produced in this manner are then developed in laboratory until they are large enough for the extraction of the eggs. These eggs need to be kept at a low temperature. Therefore they are stored in liquid nitrogen thereby maintaining their fertility for as long as required. This process is called egg freezing.

You should avail the benefits of egg freezing if :

  • Your age is affecting your fertility
  • You’re undergoing treatment for other conditions that may cause a decline in your fertility

What Is The Process?

  • Counselling – Your expert will explain the process in detail including the medical and legal details. Your feelings and emotional state are quiet important.
  • Medical examination – You will be examined for HIV, Hepatitis B and C and various other diseases.
  • Legal documentation – Your written consent for egg freezing will be taken.
  • Freezing solution – Cryoprotectant will be applied on your eggs.
  • Cooling – It could either be slow cooling or Vitrification (quick cooling using nitrogen tasks)

Do I Have Any Say In The Use Of My Frozen Eggs?

Certainly! You have the right to specify –

  • The duration of storage.
  • The use of eggs (your own treatment, donation, research etc)
  • The instructions as to what to do with them if your incapable of taking decisions due to old age, mental illness or death.
  • You may also withdraw consent at anytime before the eggs are used for treatment, research or training.