About Dr. Nandita P. Palshetkar
Leading IVF
of India
30+ years of
Medical Director -
Bloom IVF Group
with 8 IVF centres
across India
High success rate
to the West
(40-50% live birth rate)

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    Achievements - Rewards & Recognitions

    • First to establish assisted laser hatching in this country in 1998.
    • Delivered first laser hatching twins in India.
    • Achieved pregnancy with sperms from a hemiplegic husband.
    • Delivered the first baby in India with three mothers - i.e. with help of test-tube baby and surrogacy technique.
    • Established the spindle view technology in India so as to prevent damage to the genes during test-tube baby procedure.
    • Verification a new technology was introduced in her practice 2007.


    Educational Background of IVF specialist Dr. Nandita Palshetkar

    Dr. Palshetkar completed her MD in 1993 from Mumbai University. She was also awarded the FCPS in the same year from the College of Physicians and surgeons Mumbai. Subsequently she was awarded the ICOG from the MICOG Mumbai.

    Ongoing medical education to emerge as the #1 IVF Clinic in India

    • IVF & Micromanipulation Training at the University of Ghent-Ghent, Belgium, 1989.
    • Alpha School of Embryology-Naples, Italy, 1999.
    • IVF & ICSI Training at Melbourne IVF Centre, Australia, 2001.