Embryoscope – Innovation For Your Baby’s Health

New technology has dramatically improved the chances of conceiving for prospective parents suffering from infertility. Embryoscopy is one such brilliant technology. By some initial accounts it improves the chances of a successful pregnancy by 5% – 10%. An embryoscope uses digital imaging technology to monitor the progress of an embryo. It records, stores and transmits a digital image of a developing embryo in a lab at regular and frequent intervals. Using time lapse digital imaging with the help of an embryoscope it is now possible to monitor the progress of an embryo in real time and pin point the exact moments when an intervention might be needed or an abnormality might have been introduced.

An Embryoscope provides visual output containing the most detailed information about zygotes developing into embryos overriding the need for biopsy, thereby saving a lot of time and effort. It is now possible with the help of Embryoscopy to pinpoint both visual and biochemical clues of embryo sustainability thereby substantially improving the chances of a successful pregnancy. This technology has been so successful that there are plans to do most of the IVF procedures this way in the future.